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When ordering this product you’ll get an access to a zip-package (size about 84M) which includes the mp3-version of Against Each Other -album + albumcovers as gif-images (including the lyrics). The download-link will be sent to your email after the payment.


1. Against Each Other
2. Walls Inside Us
3. Red Rivers
4. Flies Over The Wreck
5. Waiting For The Rain
6. Serene
7. Being And Ending
8. Self Control
9. Aggressor
10. Closer to the sun

Released on 9th of March 2012
Mixed by Janne Tolsa / Note-On Studio
Mastered by Janne Tolsa / Note-On Studio
Graphics by Jukka Venäläinen

BLD: Toni Valha (vocals), Janne Kankkunen (synths), Veikka Jokela (drums), Joonas Pulkkinen (guitar), Toni Hintikka (bass)
Guests: Karoliina Kallio (female-vocals in Wall Inside Us), Anton Rosa (vocals in Serene), Dmitry Casper Rhisko (violins in Serene), Tuire Parviainen (additional female-vocals)

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